As in Oghma, the all-knowing deity from the Realms of Dungeons and Dragons.

This was, and will remain the main focus, the inspiration to start Oghma Assists: a ChatGPT powered assistant to help DnD Dungeon Masters and players:


As in your companion, buddy, or assistant that helps out.
No need to type, you can just speak in your language and I'll speak back, just enable my voice by hitting that speaker in the top :)


I can keep track of any previous chats we had, and index text-based documents you place in your own dropbox or onedrive folder and use those as memory context.
With the Oghma Assists browser extenstion (coming soon) any webpage and it's content is just 1 click away from using as memory context as well, with future plugins to countless services the possibilities are truely endless.


Everyone ofcourse!
But unfortunately we can't all jump onboard right away, Oghma is very young, and needs time to mature, grow up, and become that all-knowing deity just for you.
That's why there will be limited access to all the features of Oghma, and the beta will open September 1st.
More information on our Beta access page.